Gina and the Champions

Disc 1

  1. THE GREATEST LOVER (Jansen and Jensen) Sparta Florida.
  2. MORE TO YOU THAN MEETS THE EYE (Bickerton/Greenway) State Music/Arrgee Music
  3. IT’S A REAL GOOD FEELING (H. Stenialver/V. Promo) EMI Electrola.
  4. I’VE NEVER BEEN TO ME (Ronald Miller / Kenneth Hirsch) Musicmatch
  5. DARLING HONEY (Boone/McQueen) Sterling McQueen Ltd.
  6. ROBERT (Parton) Frontier Music
  7. DRAGONFLIES (Mark Nicholas Hewerdine) Chrysalis Music
  8. DO YOU WANNA DO IT (Van Hemart) ATV Music
  9. NATALIE (Anthony)
  10. I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU (Anderson) Bocu Music
  11. MARY LOU (Faas-Verboven-Van Wijk-Van Loon-Roubos) Sterma
  12. GIVE ME BACK MY LOVE (Alice May) EMI Music/Maywood Music/The Company
  13. CAN’T LIVE ON MEMORIES Copyright Control
  14. ALL DAY LOVE (Sorrenti/Klpner) Sacem
  15. MAMA MAMA (T. Peters-J-V-D Ven Lurech-Liroch-Janschen Janschen)
  16. LET THERE BE LOVE (Janschen Janschens) Jan Olosonge
  17. DESERT MOON (Dennis DeYoung) Rondor Music (London) LTD
  18. DRUNKEN SAILOR (P. Koelewljn) Coolmine Music

Disc 2

  1. WHO DO YOU WANNA BE (Jansen & Jansen) Olofsong Music
  2. MAYBE TOMORROW (S.Mason) Image
  3. AND THE LORD SAID (Kissoon/Kissoon) State Music
  4. I’M ON FIRE (B. Springsteen) EMI Music Publishing.
  5. LONELY NIGHTS  (Alice May) Award Music & The Company
  6. WHY DID YOU WAIT TO TELL ME (Peter Yarrow) Silver Dawn Music
  7. MINNIE MINNIE  (Van Hemert) Emma/Veronica Music
  8.   DREAMS ARE GOOD FRIENDS (Leandrus/Munroe/Amie/Lloyd) Intersong
  9. ARE YOU MAGIC  (P Hegarty) CBS Songs
  10. MOTHER HOW ARE YOU TODAY (Alice May) EMI Music/Maywood Music/The Company
  11. I FOUND MY FREEDOM  (Spence/Ritchie) Mickey Dallon Music
  12. LOVE ME TENDER  (Vera Matson/Elvis Presley) Elvis
  13. TIL MORNING HAS COME (Bickerton/Greenway) State Music/Arrgee Music
  14. SATURDAY NIGHT DISCO (Cooke) Cags Music
  15. BREAKAWAY  (Alice May) Award Music & The Company.
  16. O.U  (H.Priestman) Chappell Music
  17. PLAYING WITH FIRE (Britton/Shifren) Chappell Music

Disc 3

  1.   BABY I LOVE YOU  (Holten/Manenkei/Holten) MCPS
  2. GYPSY GIRL (Faas/Verboven/Van Wijk/Van Loon/Roubos) Sterma
  3. WOMAN IN LOVE  (P. Ryan/W. Mallette) Chrysalis M. Ltd.
  4. HOME  (Cian Walsh)  Imro
  5. NO ONE CAN LOVE (Billy Livsey/Terry Britton) Quince Mus/Myaxe Mus/Chappell Mus. Ltd.
  6. I’M BLUE  (Peter Die-Wign) Pub Ya Ya Music, Warner Bros
  7. IF WE HOLD ON TOGETHER  (James Horner/Will Jennings) USI B Music Publishing
  8. SWEET SWEET LOVE (H. Faas) Gema
  9. I WANNA LIVE  (Richard Flanagan) CBS Songs
  11. SOMEONE I KNOW (Clifford T. Ward) Free Flow Productions
  12. SAD MOVIES  (John D Loudermilk) Acuff-Rose Publications
  13. PAPER MANSIONS  (Harris) Intersongs
  14. A KIND OF HUSH  (Les Reed/Geoff Stephens) Donna Music Ltd.
  15.   MY LOVE  (Holten/Manenkei/Holten) MCPS
  16. FROM HERE TO THE MOON AND BACK  (Dolly Parton) Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
  17. THE CONTENDER  (Jimmy McCarthy)  Ride on Records
  18. BOOMERANG  (P. Koelewljn) Coolmine Music